Images for many people


Who we are

Kollektiv Fischka translates the incidental with the staged into authentic image propaganda: we use the power of image to reach our customers objectives. They think big, we do big. Our customers value our pragmatic approach to the task, starting with conceptual ideas, excelling at the shooting and finishing in post processing including prepress.  



Lives in Vienna, Sabara and Tiraspol. Works internationally as a photographer. Has been exposed to photography and images since childhood and thus is an autodidact in photography. Image-, media-, art-, and book-projects lead him through Austria, East- and Southeast-Europe since the 1990ies. Scholarship holder for film from the Austrian Chancellery. Recipient of a research scholarship by the Robert-Bosch-Foundation. Founding member of Kollektiv Fischka in 2006. 


Further Collectivists

Since 2006: Andreas Jakwerth, Andrey Smolensky, Christine Wurnig, Christof Nardin, Daniela Jakob, Eszter Korodi, Eva Thebert, Fabian Grünfelder, Florian Rainer, Gregor Buchhaus, Karo Pernegger, Linnéa Janen, Maren Jelef, Maria Noi, Marie-Elaine Malowerschnig, Milena Korzcak, Nick Albert, Niko Havranek, Patrizia Gapp, Paulus Jakob, Peter Sigmund, Petra Rautenstrauch, Philipp Podesser, Stefanie Freynschlag, Steve S. Putnik, Tania Marcadella, Ute Schindler.